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Land Clearing in Smithville, TX

Land clearing (including brush, underbrush, tree and stump removal) offers numerous benefits to you as a property owner in Smithville, Texas. Our goal is to help educate our customers on the most effective methods for land clearing. Did you know that forestry mulching is by far the most cost effective and environmentally friendly form of land clearing?

When most people think of land clearing they think, a big bulldozer pushing everything over and piling it up. This method, while being fast, is ultimately creating a bigger problem. Burning large piles is no easy task and can often take a week or longer, and more Texas counties are banning larger burns. One other major problem with traditional clearing is the disturbance and loss of top soil. Mulching leaves behind an organic top layer, which quickly allows nutrients to be returned to the soil.


So Who Benefits From Forestry Mulching?

  • Smithville, Texas Home Owners - Access more of a view, increase your property value, and protect your coveted mature trees from invasive species. 

  • Smithville, Texas Land Owners - Improve the visual value of your property, remove invasive species, all while increasing the overall value of your piece of Texas.

  • Smithville, Texas Land Developers - With our large fleet of machines, we can turn raw land into ready to develop land fast!

  • Smithville, Texas Land Investors - It's no myth that a well staged and presented home sells faster than a boring empty house. Raw land that looks like a jungle can send buyers running, property cleared land allows potential buyers to see the property for what it really is.

Why Forestry Mulching?

  • It is better for the environment! Without the need of burning, and without disturbing the soil, forestry mulching is the best method for clearing land in Smithville, Texas.

  • Vacant Lot Prep - Forestry mulching can clear your vacant lot is as little as one day, with no burn piles you are ready to enjoy your newly transformed land as soon as we load up our equipment, saving you both time and money!

  • Fire Breaks - Forestry mulching is a great way to create a fire break on your property, protecting your family and your land. 

  • Reduces Pests - It's no myth that pests such as: rodents, snakes, insects, and more love a heavily overgrown habitat. By thinning out the brush you are minimizing the chance of contact with these critters.

  • Promote Healthy Growth - When clearing land in Smithville, Texas our goal is to improve the land. By removing brush and invasive species we are freeing up the area to let nature grow what should be there!

The Pierce Land Clearing Difference

When it comes to the talk of us vs them we only speak in facts. We run dedicated forestry machines, not just a skid steer with a mulching head. By running purpose built units we are able to achieve better results in less time, and that simply saves you money and headaches.

What's Difference Between A Dedicated Forestry Mulcher vs. A Skid Steer Mulcher?

  • A dedicated machine will always out perform a skid steer mulcher.

  • Dedicated mulchers offer more horsepower, and can take down much more material in terms of thickness.

  • Dedicated mulchers are built for the job. Skid steer mulchers are notorious for breaking down on the job, they were never built to handle the rigors of forestry work.

Land Clearing in Austin Texas


Forestry Mulchig Austin Texas

Trust Pierce Land Clearing with all of your Smithville, Texas land clearing needs!

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