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This is a very common question we get asked daily at Pierce Land Clearing. There are a few factors to break down and how we handle pricing. By the end of this quick article you should have a very good understanding of what to expect from our company clearing your land.

First and foremost, forestry mulching is by far the most effective and environmentally friendly way to clear your land. By mulching the brush and trees we eliminate the need for large piles to burn and offer a nutrient rich mulch for the soil. Our machines also have very wide tracks offering a low PSI on the ground reducing damage to the soil and root systems of mature trees.

When it comes to forestry mulching Pierce Land Clearing makes pricing and quoting easy. We offer two specialty models of forestry mulchers to meet all of our customer’s needs.

Kubota SVL 95-2 and FAE Mulcher .jpg

Kubota SVL 95-2 and FAE Mulcher

$1500 Daily

  • Able to clear trees up to 6 inches in diameter and all under brush

  • Compact and very maneuverable

  • Works well in tight spaces

  • Rubber tracks can be driven on pavement and over curbs

  • Clears up to 1.5 acres a day on average

  • Perfect for underbrush, smaller lots, tight residential spaces, and affordable one day clearing jobs.

  • Fine mulch

  • 8 foot max cutting height


Komatsu PC 210 Excavator

$2000 Daily

  • Pond Construction

  • Tree Grubbing

  • Dangerous Tree Removal

  • Home Demolition

  • Digging and trenching


Komatsu D39 EX Bulldozer

$1500 Daily

  • Pond Construction

  • Root Raking 

  • Mesquite and Cedar Removal 

  • Home Pad 

  • Driveways

  • Grading 

Pierce Land Clearing - CMI 175 _edited.j

CMI 175 Mulching Tractor

$2500 Daily

  • Able to clear trees up to 22 inches in diameter

  • Works well in steep and wet conditions

  • Steel tracks for increased traction (cannot be driven on pavement or over curbs)

  • Able to clear 2+ acres a day on average

  • Our most powerful machine offers unmatched mulching power

  • Incredibly fine mulch that decomposes quickly

  • Travel Speed 2.5 MPH

  • 3 foot max cutting height