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Land Clearing in Austin, TX FAQ'S

  • Why forestry mulching?
    By eliminating the trees and brush where they stand there is not need to pile up, haul off, or burn the unwanted trees and brush. Forestry mulchers on compact track loaders are able to operate on steep terrain and will disturb the land and soil much less than large dozers and wheeled loaders. By leaving a nutrient rich mulch on the ground you are left with a natural erosion barrier and over time grass will begin to grow through the mulch.
  • Are there any other fees or charges I need to be aware of?
    There is a $1000 mobilization fee for the mulcher, $1000 for the dozer and $500 for the rock crusher.
  • What payment methods do you take and how is that handled?
    We take check, cash, card, paypal, zelle, cashapp, venmo, bank wire, and bitcoin. Remember, our goal is to make this entire process as painless and convenient as possible. Give us a call, pick a machine, book a date, sit back and watch us transform your land!
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