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Survey Right of Way Clearing in Austin, TX

Pierce Land Clearing is Central Texas' top rated land clearing company. We work with numerous survey companies to clear lines of sight, as well as lanes for property lines.

We utilize high horsepower, specialized forestry mulchers capable of clearing thousands of linear feet per day.

Clearing for line of sight makes survey marking and topographic surveying much easier. No longer will you have to battle brush, trees, and other unknowns blocking vision and decreasing production. 


Why Forestry Mulching?

  • It is better for the environment! Forestry mulching is the best method for survey line of sight. Eliminating the need for burning or disturbing the soil.

  • Line of Sight Clearing - Cuts thousands of linear feet per day 8 feet wide with ease.

  • Fire Breaks - Forestry mulching is a great way to create a fire break on your property, protecting your family and your land. 

  • Usually Permit Free - Forestry Mulching does not generally require permits for line of sight clearing. 


The Pierce Land Clearing Difference

We run dedicated forestry machines, not just a skid steer with a mulching head. By running purpose built units we are able to achieve better results in less time, and that simply saves you money and headaches.

What's The Difference Between A Dedicated Forestry Mulcher vs. A Skid Steer Mulcher?

  • A dedicated machine will always out perform a skid steer mulcher.

  • Dedicated mulchers offer more horsepower, and can take down much more material in terms of thickness.

  • Dedicated mulchers are built for the job. Skid steer mulchers are notorious for breaking down on the job, as they were never built to handle the rigors of forestry work.

Land Clearing in Austin Texas


Forestry Mulchig Austin Texas

Trust Pierce Land Clearing with all of your Survey Clearing needs!

Call or Text 512-400-2693 

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