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The Historic Governor's Mansion

The Texas Governor's mansion, the state capitol, is an elegant historic mansion for the state's Governor. Built in 1854 by prominent architect Abner Cook; it has been the official residence of each governor since 1856 and is the home of the current governor, Greg Abbott. Former governor Rick Perry moved to this mansion from the ranch home he was building there when he left office. His family moved to the mansion as well but they left before the final construction of the house. Information can be found here.

The Texas Gov's mansion is located in Austin, Texas, the capital of Texas. The home was constructed on the site of what was then known as the Travis County Courthouse. This courthouse served as the legal home of Travis County until 1866, when it was torn down in favor of a larger building. The original courthouse, with its steeple and bell tower, was destroyed in an earthquake. This allowed for the addition of the mansion to the area. Today it is open to visitors and serves as the official state capitol building. The grounds surrounding the building were once the home of a cattle ranch and later a farm that were used as an important political gathering place in the state. See here for information about The Austin - Jones Center is a New Contemporary Art Center.

The mansion features exquisite gardens, an ornate foyer, marble floors, and a grand entrance that are surrounded by the walls of the capitol. Inside the building, you will find a state library, a library of legislation, and a museum dedicated to the state of Texas, the Capitol Building. The museum includes the collection of the state's historical documents, as well as the Governor's personal belongings. Many visitors take a tour of the mansion, while in Austin, TX. It is well worth the trip if you are looking for a visit to an interesting place to relax. The mansion is a must see stop for those who are interested in history and politics. You can also check out the state's capitol building if you would like to see the inside, or take a tour of the museum if you would like to see the outside.

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