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The Austin - Jones Center is a New Contemporary Art Center

The Modern Austin-Jones Center is the official metropolitan arts center of Austin, Texas. The center is housed in a historic landmark building that was once home to the Austin Missionary Baptist Church. Located on the east side of downtown Austin on the bank of the Brazos River, this historic facility is one of the oldest and largest historical centers for the city of Austin. In addition to its historical setting, the center has a wide range of special events to accommodate your creative needs. It has been home to many exhibits, conventions, public tours, educational programs, and the new "City of Arts & Culture." The new facility has many exciting exhibits, including many of the most popular artists from across the United States. Learn information about Austin, TX here.

The contemporary Austin - Jones Center includes the oldest section of the city's public museum, which houses exhibits, concerts, public tours, and educational programs. The Center also houses the largest section of the city's public library system, which features exhibits, educational programs, and many other public programs. The museum is home to the largest section of the city's historic district, which features many popular attractions and tourist attractions. The contemporary Center is also home to the oldest section of the Central Texas State University, which houses a number of different departmental buildings. There is also an historic hotel located at the Westlake Mall, with the historic Hotel Travis located directly across the street. The Modern Center is also home to an independent living complex, known as the Lazy Lake Retreat. Discover facts about A Review of Zilker Park.

The contemporary center is host to many of the nation's leading art institutions, including: the Austin Museum of Art, the Blanton Museum of Fine Arts, and the Dallas Museum of Art. The Dallas Museum of Art has long been considered one of the most prestigious art museums in the United States. Additionally, the Austin Museum of Art is one of the premier institutions in the Southwest, with an award-winning collection of historical and contemporary Western paintings. The museum is also known for its unique collection of Asian American Art. The Austin Museum of Fine Arts, located on the main floor of the Center, is one of the most popular museums in the state. Other popular exhibits at the Center include the American Indian Art Gallery, the Children's Museum, the African American Art Gallery, and the Jazz and Blues Museum.

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