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Pecan Hill, Texas - A Southern Escape

Pecan Hil,l Texas is located about an hour south of Dallas, about two hours east of Houston, and about two hours north of Austin. Pecan Hill was one of the original settlers when Texas was first laid out, so many of its original homes and attractions are still there. Pecan Hill was one of the original three counties in Texas, so you'll find many of the same attractions, historical places, and history in Pecan Hill that you will find in other parts of Texas. The city is growing, though, so Pecan Hill offers all kinds of things for visitors from all over Texas and all over the world. See more here.

Pecan Hill features a number of attractions that can be enjoyed by all ages. There are historical reenactments, exhibits, gardens, festivals, outdoor adventure sports, live entertainment, and dance performances. There are also lots of things to do for the entire family. The Pecan Hill ISD school system is one of the best in the state, with great facilities and an exciting curriculum. Students enjoy many programs, including art, science, math, music, physical education, foreign language, computer technology, and more. See here for information about Enjoying the Sights and Sounds of Palmer, Texas.

The Pecan Hill, Texas State History Museum has an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to interact with an actual Civil War soldier. The museum also has many other attractions, including the Pecan Hill Mound Museum, a historic ranch house that served as a year-round home for many Pecan Hill residents. This area also offers a number of gardens and scenic trails that make for a pleasant afternoon or evening outside.

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