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New Home Site Land Clearing

When you and your family are ready to build your dream home on your little slice of Texas there are a few things you need to make sure you get right! A new homesite has to be prepared correctly to ensure you do not have foundation issues down the road. Leaving stumps or root systems in the ground can cause voids that over time can cause major foundation issues. Pierce Land Clearing utilizes purpose built machines to make sure this will never happen.

How To Clear Land For A New Homesite

Step one is to excavate, or commonly called grub, the entire tree and root system from the soil. To do this we utilize our bulldozer and excavators. From here we will backfill any holes left from this clearing process.

Step two is to remove all organic material. This usually requires hauling off the material. Haul off costs are very expensive and to mitigate this we will often mulch the trees with our forestry mulcher and haul off the mulch, if your property is large enough we can often times move the mulch around the property as well. Haul off generally costs $500-$700 per 40 cubic yard load. Mulched material for half an acre can be as much as 300-400 cubic yards, and material this is not mulched can be 1000-1300 cubic yards per half acre.

Step three is to grade out and level the home pad area, depending on the area you are in many builders will bring in some compaction material to build up the home pad. This is almost always recommended for drainage. Make sure that any material added is compacted corrected. Running a bulldozer over the material is not compacting the material, a roller should always be used to prevent the material from shifting when the home is settling.

Step four is to plan your drainage now. When the land is raw make sure you think forward about your drainage. Now is the time when we like to plan this out, and grade the property in a way that storm water is diverted away from the home. Too many times we see builders not do this and home owners are forced to install pricy drains and risk foundation issues by water rushing towards and around the house.

If you would like Pierce Land Clearing to help with your future homesite give us a call at 254 998 4468 for a fast, free, quote.

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