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Fence Line Clearing

When you are looking to have a new fence put in on a new piece of property there is usually some level of clearing that needs to take place. This blog post will walk you through everything you can expect when clearing out an area or right of way for a new fence. How wide should I clear for my fence? We usually recommend a minimum of one pass with our high horsepower mulchers, this will give you between 7 and 8 feet. Ideally, and if the area allow then you want to go with two passes. This will allow you to ensure that trees are not going to grow into the fence right of way any time soon. Our machines are capable of clearing out any sized tree that might be in the way and cut a path almost twice as wide as a smaller skid steer type mulcher.

How much does fence line clearing cost? Fence line clearing is generally quite affordable given the right equipment like our high horsepower, dedicated forestry mulchers. These machines can usually clear 2-3 acres per day. When calculating this over linear feet use the following formula.

Linear Feet Clearing Needed (times) 8 feet (or 16 for two passes) (divided by) 43560.

This will give you the approximate number of acres then you can assume we can clear 2-3 acres per day. Our day rate for these machines is $3500 per day plus a transportation cost. Give us a call to go over the job in more detail 254 998 4468

How do you know where you are going? Property lines are very important and we aim to never encroach on them. The BEST solution to make sure we stay on your property is to stringline or put survey flags every 30 feet down your proposed fence line. If this is not possible we can use apps like Mapright, and LandGlide to keep on property lines. While these apps are generally accurate they are not always 100% right and we alway recommend having the area surveyed. Being right the first time is a lot cheaper than clearing your neighbors property and ending up in a legal nightmare.

What do we do if there is an existing fence in place? While this isn't ideal working conditions for us, we have a few options. Option 1: We will clear as close to the existing fence line as possible leaving the old fence intact. Option 2: We bring in a bulldozer and clear out the old fence and the trees with it. Generally, fence lines that have been left neglected are a bit of an expensive mess. By piling it up with a dozer you will need to burn the organic material and haul off the metal rubbish from the existing fence. We cannot mulch fence material as it damages the machine and is a fire hazard.

What are the steps to get started? Give us a call to go over your proposed site and the challenges it may have. Create a layout of your fence on google earth or maptright. Share those files with us. Contact your fence contractor about marking the proposed fence line in a way where we always have line of site while working. Contact your local government to make sure there are no permits needed for the clearing. Schedule the work to be done with our office, and thats it. While this sounds like a lot, it's really quite easy and painless allowing you to have a nice right of way for your new fence. Maintaining the right of way. A follow up note is to make sure you keep your new right of way cleared and shredded. Too often do we see beautiful new fences taken over with vegetation in just a few years. Protect your investment by making sure you keep the right of way cleared out for a lifelong healthy fence. Pierce Land Clearing

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