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Cedar Clearing and Cedar Shredding

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Cedar trees have become an unsightly nuisance in the Texas Hill Country area. These trees, while contrary to popular belief, are native to Texas. While they are a Texas native tree, that are incredibly invasive and can choke out other trees as they compete for water.

A recent post from NPR cites that a mature cedar tree can consume up to 33 gallons of water per day! These trees are often found in groves in the understory of Texas Live Oak and Elm. This causes an intense competition for water and generally causes the native hardwood tree to become stunted, or die.

This is where Pierce Land Clearing comes in to help. We utilize high horsepower forestry mulchers that shred and mulch the cedar trees right where they stand. No burning, no soil disruption, no haul off. What does this mean, faster, more economical, and more eco-friendly land clearing. We utilize Barko 930B forestry tractors and FAE mulching attachments to get the job done right.

cedar shredding austin texas
Cedar removal in austin texas

How does the mulch help? Mulching is great for returning nutrients to the soil, decreasing the soil temperature, aiding in water retention of the soil, and lastly helping reduce erosion. All of this in the long term allows for a "reset" of the area to pre overgrazing pasture land that the Texas Hill Country used to be.

Interested in having Cedar Removal done on your property? Give us a call and get a quote today 254 998 4468.

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