Mexic-Arte: The Art Gallery

The Mexic-Arte museum is an art gallery in Austin, Texas that showcases the works of Mexican art. The Mission of this organization is to educate and enrich the community by the promotion and presentation of native and indigenous Mexican, Latino, and Chicano art. The main objective of this museum is to promote the use of indigenous art as a way to enhance cultural awareness among local, state, national, and international communities. The Mexic-Arte also provides a platform for local artists, students, and collectors to connect with each other and share their ideas. Further facts about  Austin, TX  can be found here.


There are many things that make this museum different than any other art gallery in Austin. The main difference is in its collection of modern, abstract, and traditional Mexican, Chicano, and Mexican art, and its ability to bring the world together in a common cause. The museum's purpose is to promote a better understanding between Mexico, the United States, and all of our citizens. Through exhibitions and performances that highlight Mexican, Chicano, and Mexican culture, the museum is able to promote unity, unity. The Mexic-Arte aims to promote a greater awareness of each country's rich, history, and a better understanding of who we are as Americans. Information about Republic Square in Austin - A Great Place to Stay can be found here.  

This museum is located in downtown Austin, which is within walking distance to the main campus of the University of Texas. The museum is free to the public and open year round. Many people walk past the building to take in the view that greets them at the entrance. Those who are looking for a good place to relax and catch a glimpse of the city or those who are looking for a place to enjoy the sunshine and nature, will surely find the Mexic-Arte to be a great place to visit.