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Fence and Utility ROW Clearing in Austin, TX

Fence and Utility Clearing are generally one of the first steps when developing raw land. For fence clearing we generally recommend a 14-20 foot Right of Way (ROW) clearing. This will allow your fence crew ample room to place, stretch, and secure your fence. This extra space allows you to easily maintain your new fence row. 

While each utility company is different, the general rule of thumb is 30 feet wide. Most times electric companies will sub out a clearing company for the work, resulting in you paying more. We recommend that our customers have us come out and clear first so you can skip the middle man and save some money.


When it comes to ROW clearing we will usually recommend a machine powerful enough to handle the job of mulching potentially larger material. At a minimum we recommend the CMI 175.

We generally do not recommend bulldozer clearing for ROW work, you will be left with large piles that may be very difficult to access. 

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