What Is a Barton Springs Municipal Pool?

Barton Springs Municipal Pool is an above-ground recreational swimming pool which is fully filled with water sourced from nearby natural underground springs. It is situated on the grounds of Austin's Zilker Park in Austin Texas, USA. The pool is located in the channel of Barton Springs Creek and uses water from Main Barton Springs, the fourth-biggest spring in Texas, to fill its pool. The other source of water used is known as the Creek, which flows into the river and then into the river. The Barton Springs Pool was first built during the 1930s and it remains to be one of the most popular recreational pools for Austin residents and visitors. More can be found here.


The municipal pool is situated in the southeast corner of Austin City limits. It has a capacity of up to eighty people and features a twenty-eight foot long pool fence. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities in the pool including diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, tennis, swimming, boating, and swimming laps. The Barton Springs Municipal Pool has five lanes of traffic with a twenty-five foot wide pool. The Barton Springs Municipal Pool was designed by American Pool Building Company and is also calling the Zilker Parks Pool in the Austin Texas area. The construction of the pool was completed in the late nineteen eighties. Learn more about Mexic-Arte: The Art Gallery.

Austin is also home to the Austin Municipal Pool where people are allowed to swim as a recreational activity. This facility is also managed by American Pool Building Company. In the late nineteen eighties, the Austin Municipal Pool became the first public swimming facility to use the new and improved "slip resistant" concrete. Today, many other types of pool structures including concrete walls, stone walls, and brick walls are used to design Austin municipal pools. These pool structures can also be custom built to accommodate the pool capacity and features which are preferred by individual Austin residents. Today, Austin municipal pools offer a variety of facilities like spas, whirlpools, heated areas, and heated outdoor lounge areas. Some pools even have jetted hot tubs which provide tourists and residents with a romantic escape to enjoy an invigorating soak in an underwater world of clear skies and tropical sunsets.