History Of The Austin History Museum

The Austin History Center, formerly known as the Travis County Courthouse, is a library located within the former Travis County courthouse building in Downtown Austin. The Austin History Center is the main local history repository for the city of Austin and the county's historic archives. The museum features over seven hundred and twenty-five artifacts from the American Republic, Texas Revolution, Civil War, Old South, and even the Trail of Tears. There are also a few rare and valuable objects as well as displays from the various sections of the city of Austin, including the Alamo Drafthouse, the Liberty Bell, and the State Capitol. The museum also houses the county's public records, and is also home to the Travis County Archives, where one can view the entire collection of county and municipal government documents. The Museum's mission is to preserve the rich history of our county and help visitors to enjoy the rich history of this wonderful county by viewing many artifacts. There are also some unique exhibits that allow visitors to interact with the artifacts, such as the Tredegar Hwy Visitors Center, which is a kiosk that allows visitors to view and print out historical information about historical events. See more here.


The Austin History Center has two floors of exhibits. The first floor is an important section for the history of Travis County. This includes exhibits on the early settlers of the county. The second floor holds exhibits on the various eras of Travis County government, the area's history as an agricultural region, and much more. The center also features numerous special exhibitions, including a special exhibit that highlights the various aspects of Texas history. Each of these special exhibits has a different theme, and each one is a great way for visitors to learn about the rich history of this area. The center offers free admission every day of the week. See here for information about Austin Visitors Center - An Overview.

There are also many other interesting activities and programs on the second floor, including live performances on the second weekend of every month. For more information on the Austin History Center, or to schedule an appointment for an afternoon tour, visit the library's website. There are even several brochures available for visitors to purchase to give to friends and family, so they can take advantage of the special events that are featured on the second floor of the museum.